National Public Health Week 2016 Twitter Chat: PAHO Foundation's Responses

Washington D.C. (April 6, 2016) – It's National Public Health Week (NPHW) throughout the United States! This week, starting on Monday and into Sunday, the American Public Health Association (APHA) strives to raise ‪awareness for current public health issues and the crucial ‪role public health plays in America. The National Public Health Week 2016 campaign held a Twitter chat today, April 6, 2016, at 2 pm EST time, in which they asked questions via twitter and encourage followers to respond using the hashtag, #NPHWchat. Today PAHO Foundation and 1,069 other participants joined the conversation on Twitter. Below are the questions that were asked during the NPHW Twitter Chat and PAHO Foundation's responses, as well as a few answers from other organizations that we thought were also exceptional!

National Public Health Week Twitter Chat--#NPHWchat

Q1: What are you doing to celebrate National Public Health Week? #NPHW #NPHWchat

A1: Through social media we raise awareness for #PH issues that affect the U.S. & all of the Americas! #NPHWchat

Q2: Gun violence is a preventable epidemic. How can our nation reduce gun violence and save lives? #NPHWchat

A2: We have yet to tackle gun violence, but we do work to reduce preventable epidemics like #diabetes in the US & the Americas! #NPHWchat

Q3: High school graduation is linked to health & life expectancy How can the US reduce dropout rates? #NPHWchat

Q4: Health in All Policies addresses ALL factors that influence health. How can non-traditional partners improve public health? #NPHWchat

A4: Non-traditional #partners can come together to raise funds for #public #health #initiatives! #NPHWchat

Q5: Public health is one of the fastest-growing majors. How do we turn the momentum into a strong public health workforce? #NPHWchat

A5: Steward #professional #development in #PH through internships, mentorships & other opportunities! #NPHWchat

Q6: We support the #CleanPowerPLan b/c it combats climate change & improves health. How does climate change harm your community? #NPHWchat

A6: Climate change afffects clean #air, safe drinking #water, sufficient #food & secure #shelter (@WHO) #NPHWchat

Q7: Creating health equity is an @PublicHealth priority. How do we ensure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to be healthy? #NPHWchat

A7: PAHO Foundation supports governments in their efforts to implement & improve universal access to healthcare! #NPHWchat

Q8: Be a part of Generation Public Health! How will you help us build the healthiest nation by 2030? #NPHWchat

A8: We strive to make every nation in the Americas healthier through #PH initiatives that have lasting impacts on health systems! #NPHWchat