Reducing High Rates of Women’s Cancers in the English Caribbean: PAHO Foundation Sponsored Convening

Washington D.C. (May 27, 2016) — In collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization, the University of Miami and the Breast Cancer Initiative 2.5, PAHO Foundation co-hosted a regional forum on May 11-May 12, 2016,  to convene thought leaders and stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of women’s cancer programs in the English Caribbean.

By defining strategies and areas for support, and identifying potential partnership areas with key stakeholders and the international public health community, stakeholders and partners will be able to create stronger, more sustainable women’s cancer programs in the region.

 “In the English Speaking Caribbean women’s breast and cervical cancers rates are soaring,” Dr. Jennie Ward-Robinson, President & CEO of PAHO Foundation, said, “with proper programs for prevention, detection and treatment in place, we can alleviate the burden of women’s cancer in the region.”

The forum was comprised of presentations, key-note speakers, group workshops and plenary sessions. Representatives from 14 countries in the English Speaking Caribbean were in attendance, many deriving from Ministries of Health as well as NGOs. Participants from the United States included nonprofits, public health agencies, universities, health institutions and others.

Following the meeting, countries will develop situation assessments stating the current status of women’s cancer programs and potential areas for support. Drafts of country action plans for advancing international cooperation for women’s cancer were started and will continue to be developed. Networking relationships established at the Forum will go on to increase collaboration and partnerships geared towards improving women’s cancers in the region.

PAHO Foundation looks forward to working with its partners to convene similar forums in Central America and Latin America over the coming year.

For more information about the Women’s Cancer Forum please contact Areana Quiñones, Senior Director of Programs and Grants, by email at or phone at 1-844-35-PAHOF (1-844-357-2463) ext 107.

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PHOTO: The Pan American Health Organization