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  • Launch of New Name

    Launch of New Name

  • PAHO Dengue Project:  Funded!  Details coming soon!

    PAHO Dengue Project: Funded! Details coming soon!

  • Funding Opportunity: 2013 Influenza Initiative

    Funding Opportunity: 2013 Influenza Initiative

  • Dengue Study | Success Story

    Dengue Study | Success Story

  • Make LAC hospitals safer

    Make LAC hospitals safer

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Elly Brtva, MPH, President & CEO, a.i.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 30, 2014) – PAHO Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Simone Acha as Chair of the Board of Directors.  PAHO Foundation, formerly known as PAHEF (Pan American Health and Education Foundation), works as the philanthropic arm of the Pan American Health Organization to mobilize resources and advocate the strategic agenda of PAHO.  The Foundation welcomes Acha to this role and eagerly anticipates the leadership she will bring to achieving PAHO Foundation’s mission.  In addition to her service on the Executive Committee, she participates on the Marketing and Communications Committee and is an inaugural member of the PAHO Foundation Salud Society.

Acha recently retired as the Vice President of Enterprise Technology Solutions at Electronic Computing Services (ECS) Federal, Inc. to pursue her next career focused on social change.  She is actively engaged in programs dedicated to increasing the number of women and minorities pursuing careers in the...