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About PAHO Foundation

What is PAHO Foundation?

PAHO Foundation, formerly known as PAHEF (Pan American Health and Education Foundation), works as the philanthropic arm of the Pan American Health Organization to mobilize resources and advocate the strategic agenda of PAHO. The Foundation is led by a board of directors comprised of health experts, business leaders, and philanthropists from the Americas. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by the laws for charitable organizations in the United States.

What is the Foundation’s mission?

The Foundation seeks to strengthen PAHO’s ability to improve and save lives in the Americas, and to set an example for the rest of the world in public health philanthropy. The Foundation fully supports PAHO’s mission of promoting equity in health, combating disease, and improving the health, longevity and quality of life of all the peoples of the Americas.

How does the PAHO Foundation determine which areas to mobilize resources for?

Every year we work with the leadership of PAHO through the PAHO/PAHO Foundation Planning Coordinating Committee (PPPCC) to identify priority areas in which to focus our efforts. The PPPCC meets quarterly, and we collectively determine the priorities. We follow PAHO’s key areas: universal health coverage, non-communicable diseases, vaccination and elimination of infectious diseases, safe motherhood, children’s health, emergency preparedness, and other priorities.

What are the priorities for 2014?

While all of PAHO technical units have worthy projects, the Foundation has determined these priorities for 2014: You can download our 2014 Open Call for Tenders for all of our current funding priorities.

  • The goal of the healthcare associated infections (HAIs) project is to provide data on the incidence and consequences of HAIs and requests an initial investment of $6,147,200.
  • The goal of the Women’s Cancer Initiative project is to save the lives of women by providing training and improving access to affordable and high quality medicines and technologies. Approximately $5,000,000 annually for the next four years is needed for a successful project.
  • The goal of the salt reduction project is to meet the internationally recommended target of less than 5g of sodium per day per person by 2020 in order to reduce risk of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. Three areas of the project need funding: product reformulation, consumer awareness and education campaigns, and environmental changes.

What about 2015?

The Foundation is working closely with PAHO technical units on concept papers and will have them finished by July 15th!

How can I become more involved in PAHO Foundation?

The Foundation actively seeks individuals who wish to volunteer their time and talent. Board and committee members, in the areas of fundraising, legal, accounting, and marketing are needed. In addition, the Foundation works with The Washington Center as well as major universities for intern volunteers. You can find more information on the website for all positions.

How do I donate online?

You can visit PAHO Foundation’s website at http://www.pahofoundation.org. Donations can be made securely with a PayPal account. You may also direct a portion of any Amazon purchase you make to benefit the PAHO Foundation through Amazon Smile. See details at http://smile.amazon.com/ref=smi_ext_fbp_lds_smi. We encourage individuals to join the Salud Society, our recognition society for donors who contribute major gifts of $1,000 or more!

How can I provide corporate support?

If you’re interested in providing corporate support, we are open for dialogue. Please contact our Senior Director of Philanthropy, Leticia Villalon, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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