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  • Award Winners Announced

    Award Winners Announced

  • PAHO Dengue Project:  Funded!  Details coming soon!

    PAHO Dengue Project: Funded! Details coming soon!

  • Funding Opportunity: 2013 Influenza Initiative

    Funding Opportunity: 2013 Influenza Initiative

  • Dengue Study | Success Story

    Dengue Study | Success Story

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    Make LAC hospitals safer


El Liderazgo en la Salud Interamericana - Anteriores Ganadores

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Anteriores Ganadores

2013 Dr. Julio Frenk México
2012 Dr. Paulo Marchiori Buss Brasil
2011 Dr. Peter Jay Hotez Estados Unidos
2010 Dr. Carlos Monteiro, University of São Paulo Brasil
2009 Dr. Eduardo A. Pretell Zarate Perú
2008 Dr. Cesar Victora Brasil
2007 Dr. Maria Cristina Escobar Chile
2006 Dr. James H. Steele Estados Unidos
2005 Dr. Ricardo Uauy Chile
2004 Dr. Eduardo Salazar-Lindo Perú
2003 Dr. Martin Eichelberger Estados Unidos
2002 Dr. Leonard Duhl Estados Unidos
2001 Dr. Ruy Laurenti Brasil
2000 Dr. Abraam Sonis Argentina
1999 Dr. Rodrigo Fierro Benítez Ecuador
1998 Drs. Carlos and Elisa Ponce Honduras
1997 Dr. Gabriel Velázquez Palau Colombia
1996 Dr. José Renán Esquivel Panamá
1995 Dr. Jorge Mardones Restat Chile
1994 Eng. Humberto Romero Alvarez México
1993 Dr. Plutarco Naranjo Ecuador
1992 Dr. Elsa Segura Argentina
1991 Dr. Guillermo Soberón México
1990 Dr. Ricardo Bressani Guatemala
1989 Dr. Jacinto Convit Venezuela
1988 Sir Kenneth L. Standard Jamaica
1987 Dr. Mario Cháves Brasil
1986 Dr. Boris Szyfres Uruguay
1985 Drs. Ruth and Victor Nussenzweig Brasil
1984 Dr. Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia Uruguay
1983 Dr. Martin Cummings Estados Unidos
1982 Dr. Inés Durana Colombia
1981 Dr. Luis Wannoni L. Venezuela
1980 Dr. Hernando Groot Colombia
1979 Dr. Fernando Monckeberg Chile
1978 Dr. Ruth Puffer Estados Unidos

Latest News


Washington, D.C., 28 September 2014 (PAHO /WHO) – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO ) and the PAHO Foundation have announced the winners of the 2014 Awards for Excellence in Public Health.

This year the honorees hail from Argentina, Bolivia, México, Peru and the United States.

The Velasco-Suárez Award for Excellence in Bioethics, named after the famed Dr. Manuel Velasco-Suárez, founder of the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery and former Governor of Chiapas is bestowed upon Argentina native, Dr. Ignacio Mastroleo for his proposal titled “Obligaciones de investigadores y patrocinadores: el modelo de reciprocidad democrática”. The project seeks to develop a model in bioethics across Latin American societies for the multiple actors involved in research with human beings. The award will support Dr. Mastroleo’s research and scholarly activities for one year.
Dr. Javier Torres-Goitía Torres MD, MPH of Bolivia, received the Sérgio Arouca Aaward for Universal Health Care for his actions and public health policies that led to the eradication of endemic goiter (an enlargement of the thyroid gland) and ...

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