Health Systems

Health Systems Framework

Access to Care

The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region has had significant social and economic growth in the last decade. This substantial growth has uncovered inequities in health care and access in the region. PAHO Foundation (the Foundation) acknowledges that inequitable quality in health care services is leading to the increase of illness among people. The Foundation supports comprehensive health care without discrimination, quality service contoured to a patient’s needs, and effective and affordable health care.


The harsh persistence of diseases such as Dengue, Zika, and Cholera as well as increasing cases of antibacterial resistance emphasize the need for adaptable and responsive public health systems. The Foundation's approach reflects the essential steps countries must take to improve outcomes and address gaps in their public health capacity. Using this innovative strategy, the Foundation bridges health with the private sector and others to put public health at the forefront of countries’ development agendas.


Health care related policies can have massive impact on health expenditures, health outcomes, and other development processes. The Foundation’s framework is structured to ensure data and evidence are gathered in the early stages of a project. This helps to identify gaps across sectors, so recommendations can be made for potential solutions, investments, or policy implementation.

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