Women's Health

Women's Health Framework

Workplace Wellness

PAHO Foundation (the Foundation) supports the promotion and creation of an enabling workplace environment for a woman’s optimal health. This includes establishing safe and healthy work settings, supportive corporate practices, worksite wellness programs, and effective health insurance plans. The Foundation seeks partners who are committed to a woman’s personal and professional health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Equity in Health Care

Health inequities for women, including health care, have been the subject of thriving debates in the last few decades. The widening gap in the equity of access to and quality of health care has developed significantly between men and women. When it comes to regions like LAC, effects from these inequities can resonant for generations. The Foundation’s cross-sector approach emphasizes the critical factors that influence the support for true equity in health care for women.


Women worldwide play a central role in the strengthening of communities, development of economy, and stability of families. The focus on empowering women in LAC comes amid increasing support for gender equality around the globe. The Foundation recognizes that with the empowerment and autonomy of women comes improvements to their political, social, economic, and health status as well as improving the region’s economic vitality. The Foundation seeks partners who align with these principles and want to support the empowerment of women in the region.


Training and education are some of the most important means of empowering a woman to equip her with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence that are necessary to fully participate in the development of society. The Foundation supports increasing access to information, resources, and services women need to enhance their wellbeing and reach their full potential. Partners are vital to advance training opportunities for women and girls in the region.

For additional information on the Foundation's work with women's health, please contact our Programs department at programs@PAHOFoundation.org.